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Plastic Base/diy plastic base/diy tile plastic base/plastic diy base

Plastic Base/diy plastic base/diy tile plastic base/plastic diy base

Plastic Base,diy plastic base,diy tile plastic base,plastic diy basePlastic Base,diy plastic base,diy tile plastic base,plastic diy base


Wood products compared with other architectural decoration products, its advantage lies in the following 10 areas:

(1) waterproof, moisture-proof. The fundamental solution of wood products after wet and aquatic environments absorbing moisture perishable, swelling deformation problem, you can use the traditional wood products can not be applied to the environment.

(2) pest control, termite, effective way to eliminate insects harassment and prolong life.

(3) colorful, many colors to choose from. Both natural wood and wood grain texture, and color can be customized according to their individual needs.

(4) plasticity, can be very simple personalized style, fully reflects the personality style.

(5) high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, can be recycled. Product does not contain benzene substance, formaldehyde content of 0.1, lower than the national requirements pole is less than 1.5, and also lower than the EO-class standards for grading European environmental standards, it can be recycled a significant reduction in the amount of timber for the sustainable development of national policy the benefit of society.

(6) high fire resistance. Effective flame retardant, fire rating to B1 level fire for self-extinguishing, does not produce any toxic gases.

(7) Good workability, nails, planing, sawing, drilling, surface can be painted.

Simple (8) installation, construction is convenient, does not require complicated construction process, saving installation time and costs.

(8) sound-absorbing effect is good, good energy, indoor saving up to 30%

(9) no cracks, no swelling, no distortion, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, repair and maintenance cost savings late.