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rubber hose-rubber tube-rubber reducer-straight reducer

rubber hose-rubber tube-rubber reducer-straight reducer

Name: Rubber Hose /Rubber Tube/Rubber Reducer/Auto Rubber Hose/Silicone  Rubber Bellow/Air-Intake-Hose/Orthogonal tube
Hose Reducer is regularly used in the Automotive industry or plumbing trade, This hose can be used for water, air,oil Etc. It is very flexible and more durable than rubber and can with standard temperatures of -40 to 250 (°C).

1,Silicone hose

  1)  Straight coupling

  2)  45°/90°/135°/180°Standard elbows

  3)  Straight reducers

  4)  Reducer elbows

  5)  Straight humps/ T hoses

  6)  Straight lengths

2, Radiator car kit

3,Mortorbike kit

4,Truck hose

5,Silincone hose for the Domestic Automotive

6,Vacuum hose


8,Aluminum Piping and stainless steel piping

9,Rubber hose