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Baby anti-collision article,baby Crashproof,baby Collision avoidance,baby Anticollision,baby wall protector

Baby anti-collision article,baby Crashproof,baby Collision avoidance,baby Anticollision,baby wall protector

U type Baby anti-collision article
Baby children furniture corner
Package edge
Kindergarten children anti - collision
Collision avoidance


U type Anti - collision bars for infants
Infant anti-collision bar, also known as protection, protection angle. Mainly used for school kindergartens, family corner, all kinds of furniture, such as the water chestnut, the main material for the (environmental soft PVC salinization of special materials, rubber foam).
Name and purpose
Baby anti-collision bar (green soft PVC salinization of special materials) bright colors, low prices, easy to paste, good quality protective strip can play a very good role in protecting the safety of infants and young children.
1. Clean the veneer to be protected, remove the above greasy and dust,
Ascot Infant Collision Avoidance Article
Ascot Infant Collision Avoidance Article
2. After being veneer dry paste.
3. Measure the length of the cut after the use of the corresponding length.
4. Remove the adhesive and attach the protective strip to the veneer.
5. Tighten the entire crash bar firmly.
The use of anti-collision angle

1, anti-collision angle can be used for table angle collision protection, glass angle protection, door angle collision protection, can be affixed to the table, bed, TV cabinets, furniture and other furniture. Its applicable material is also very wide, paste in wood, glass, aluminum alloy, ceramic tiles, marble, metal, cement and other materials on household items.
Anti-collision angle and the collision bar which is better

Many mothers see the anti-collision angle and anti-collision article, on the dizzy, the two What is the difference? Which is better to use?

In fact, from the material and the role, the two are no different, but that is somewhat different in shape. Anti-collision angle is strip, not only for the corner corner of the table, but also for the entire table edge, wall and so on.

Therefore, from the functional point of view, the crash bar will be more than the anti-collision angle.

In addition, from an economic point of view, the crash bar will be more affordable. The same price, anti-collision angle may be only a few, completely unable to meet the needs of mothers; and anti-collision section can be cut into a number of anti-collision angle can also be a direct use, to see how mothers chose .

From the use of speaking, anti-collision angle and anti-collision bar can be selected, as long as the material is good, excellent quality, are good to use, so mothers do not have to be tangled in which better use, or need according to the needs of the home and Their own habits to choose.

However, when the use of anti-collision angle or anti-collision when the mothers must pay attention to maintaining the degree of dry paste surface, and to clean the surface of the furniture first, so as not to sticky situation is not strong.

Recommendation: Do not install in front of the baby, to know the baby's curiosity is very strong, because of curiosity and not yet paste a solid anti-collision angle loose.

2, anti-collision angle Suitable for all the right angle at home desktop, home, corner and other places, its shape has a rectangular shape and flat shape. Material is different, the quality of raw materials of different price differences are also great. General anti-collision angle is thick and soft, full of toughness, and will self-equipped with double-sided adhesive, can be firmly stick to the desktop, can effectively reduce the baby learning to walk or play accidentally hit by the injury.