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AH Xingxu Rubber Parts Co.,Ltd. is a global supplier of OEM/ODM precision-formed components based in China.You can come to us for mold design,CNC punching,CNC shearring,wire CNC bending,gear cutting,plating,cold-forming,CNC machining,auto lathing,plastic injection,rubber parts and more.With many years of experience in OEM and ODM supply projects,we can custom any parts according to your specifications with high accuracy.


We welcome any interested party to contact us for any business opportunity. Our professional design team has 1more 10 years experiences in creating new custoile products professionally with advanced develop softwares.They can also transform your   specifications into completely new products, or reverse engineer almost any item you send us. Customers' specifications are strictly observed with the resulting items conforming to their exact standards. Put this design excellence to work for your company.


The products main included:1).Rubber Parts inlcuding the mold rubber parts such as Rubber  Grommets,Rubber Hose,Shock absorber bushes,control arm bush,engine mount,vibration isolation mounts,rubber washer, rubber boots,seals, rubber bumper(buffer),rubber gaskets  O-ring and metal-to-rubber parts,Anti-vibration mountings Etc.EPDM extrusion hose.

2).Road Safety Products,Rubber Speed Bumps,Rubber Traffic Cones,Reflective Road Signs,Rubber Barricades,Road Warning Panel,Rubber Corner-Protector, Rubber Back-up parking block,Wide Angled Mirror. Reflective decelerate road studs,Reflective Plastic Guardrail Delineator Post,Reflective Vest, Road Barrier,Against Rammed Bucket.Publie Traffic Safety Products,Quality Control Center Examined. 


Our Efficiency

We have an experienced R&D team as well as effective sales experts.  welcome your OEM projects.The inquires and questions can be response timely and quickly.


Quality Control 

For consistent quality,our processes are internationalstandard.such as, ASTM/DIN standards ect.We also rely on total quality managementprograms and statistical process,control to supply youwith reliable machined parts that meet the needs of your business.


Management Philosophy


rubber mixing lian machine

Vulcanization Workshop


CNC mold center


Mold workshop


Frozen trimming machine


rubber testing center



Finished products workshop