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The basic properties of rubber



( Nitrile Rubber ) from acrylonitrile and butadiene copolymerization of acrylonitrile content from a, 18%~50%, C

Allyl acetonitrile content is higher, the petrochemical oil hydrocarbon fuel oil resistance is better, but the low temperature performance is worse, general

The use of the temperature range of -25~100℃. Ding Qingjiao is currently the most commonly used O type ring oil seal and rubber.

Advantages: good oil resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance and resistance to high pressure oil characteristics, good compressibility, antiwear and

Tensile strength elongation.

Disadvantages : not suitable for polar solvents, such as ketones, ozone, nitroalkanes, MEK and chloroform for preparation.

As the fuel tank, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil in oil, gasoline, oil, water, two ester lubricating oil flow

The medium used in rubber parts, especially the sealing parts. It is currently the most widely used, the lowest cost.

Rubber seals


( Natural Rubber ) made of rubber tree latex is collected made, isoprene polymers with very good.

Wear resistance, high elasticity, tensile strength and elongation . In air are easy to aging, thermal variable viscosity, in

Mineral oil or gasoline for easy expansion and dissolved, but not resistant to acid and alkali.

Advantages: good elasticity, acid and alkali.

Disadvantages: not weathering, not oil ( high vegetable oil ) is the production of adhesive tape, rubber hose, rubber raw materials, and the

Applicable to the production of shock absorber parts, in automobile brake oil, ethanol with hydroxide used in liquid products.


( Styrene Butadiene Copolyme ) butadiene and styrene copolymers, and natural glue comparison

, uniform quality, few foreign matters, has better wear resistance and aging resistance, but the mechanical strength is weak, can be

And natural rubber blend to use.

Advantages: low cost non resistance material, good water resistance, hardness below 70 with good elasticity, high hardness

Degrees with poor compressibility.

Disadvantages: not recommended the use of strong acid, ozone, oil, oil and fat and most of the hydrocarbons.

. Widely used in tire industry, shoes, cloth and conveyor belt industry.

Styrene butadiene rubber with good heat resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance and oil resistance, and ozone resistance is poor. Storage

Keep good stability, can be stored for several years in the shadows. Soluble in benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate,

Chloroform as solvent.


( Neoprene, Polychloroprene ) by chlorine butylene monomer polymerization. The vulcanized rubber elastic resistance

Grinding is good, not direct sunlight, especially good weatherability, not afraid of intense twisted, not afraid of refrigeration

Agent, resistance, dilute acid, high silicon ester lubricants, but not high phosphate system hydraulic oil in low temperature easy to crystallize, hardening

, storage stability is poor, in aniline point low mineral oil expansion capacity. Generally use temperature range is -50~150 ℃.

Advantages: good elasticity and good compression deformation, formula does not contain sulphur is thus very easy to produce. With anti

Animal and plant oil characteristics, not due to neutral fat, oil, chemicals, various oil, solvent effect

Property, prevent burning characteristics

Disadvantages: not recommended the use of strong acid, nitro hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, chloroform and chemical resistance to R12 system.

Coolant seals, household appliances, rubber parts or seal. Suitable for making various direct contact

Air, sunshine, ozone parts. Applicable to all kinds of flame resistant, corrosion-resistant chemical rubber products.

Ethylene propylene rubber EPDM

( Ethylene propylene Rubber ) from ethylene and propylene is polymerized, so heat resistance, aging resistance

Resistance, ozone resistance, stability are very outstanding, but unable to sulfur and sulfur. To solve this problem, in the EP backbone

Import a small amount of double chain of third components can be added into general use sulfur EPDM, temperature of -50~150 ℃.

Polar solvents such as alcohols, ketones and excellent resistance

Advantages: good resistance to weather resistance and ozone resistance, excellent water resistance and anti word, can use alcohol

And ketones, high-temperature steam, gases with good permeability.

Disadvantages: not recommended for food use or exposure to aromatic hydrogen. High temperature water vapor environmental seal

Bathroom equipment seals or parts. Brake ( brake ) system of rubber parts. Radiator ( auto )

In the seal.


( Butyl Rubber ) to isobutylene and a small amount of isoprene polymerization, due to methyl steric barrier molecules

Motion than other less of the polymer, the gas permeability is less, to heat, sunlight, ozone resistance, electrical appliances

Insulation resistance; polar solvent resistance, the general use of the temperature range of -54-110℃.

Advantages: most of the general gas permeability, the sunshine and odor with good resistance to be exposed to animals

Animal or plant oil or gasifiable of chemicals.

Disadvantages: not recommended and petroleum solvents, glue and aromatic hydrogen and kerosene used for automobile tire inner tubes, purses

Rubber paste, paper, rubber, window frame steam hose, conveyor belt and so on.


( Hydrogenate Nitrile ) hydrogenated Dingqing rubber NBR by hydrogenation after removal of partial double chain, by hydrogen

After the temperature resistance, weatherability than general Dingqing rubber to improve a lot, oil resistance of NBR similar with the general. A

The use of the temperature range of -25~150℃.

Advantages: with NBR rubber has better wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, tensile, tear resistance and compression properties of,

In the ozone and other atmospheric conditions with good resistance, generally applicable to washing or washing cleaning agent.

Disadvantages: not recommended for use in alcohols, esters or aromatic solution air-conditioning refrigeration industry . Widely used in ring

And R134a refrigerant system seals. Automotive engine system seals.


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