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Who we are

AH Xingxu Rubber Parts Co., a specialized manufacturer of automobile rubber parts and traffic rubber parts.

AH Xingxu Rubber Parts Co.,Ltd. is a supply chain management and project management company, which endeavors to offer solution for automotive industry OE project to decrease procurement and manufacturing cost for customers.

AH Xingxu Rubber Parts Co., cover product R & D, setting up product quality standard and quality control management system, organizing and supervising mass production and conducting Q/C timely, offering worldwide door to door logistics solution, product quality guarantee and defective products recall and replacement.

The markets we serve are:

  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Industry
  • Automotive
  • Water, Food and relative field
  • Household Appliances

What we supply

Our product range:

  • Rubber grommet
  • Traffic rubber parts(Cable protector,Speed hump,Wheel stop,Hose Ramp,Traffic cone etc.)
  • Rubber Sealing Ring, such as O Ring, V Ring, Y Ring, X Ring, D Ring and others customized ring.
  • Rubber Hose, made from EPDM, MVQ, NBR+PVC etc.
  • Rubber Parts, most of customized rubber production
  • Water Seals
  • Extrusion Rubber parts

How we work

With over 20-years rubber product design experience, we are capable of making our work perfect beyond you expection.


                   •Product Design from investigation, concept to samples design

                   •Tooling Design

                         •Pilot Tooling, usually finished in 15-20 days

                         •Series Tooling

                   •Synchronous Design with Customers

                         •From the concept to samples, then to series production process

         Quality Control

                •Rubber Compound Test

                •Finished Products Test

                      •1. Usually test according to drawings /relative standards

                      •2. Additional test according to clients' requests. 0ppm high Qualified.

                •Compound R&D according to different inquiry.


               •Samples Production

               •Initial Series Production

            •Series Production

                 •100% dimension and appearance inspection.

        Warehouse and logistics

              •1. Best location

              •2. 30mins to Hefei Xinqiao International Airport;

    Why chose us

Complete Project Management 
    R & D: innovative rubber sealing solution
    Financial and Engineering support
Complete Quality Control 
    to quality goals:0~100ppm
   to products: Q/C team support
Complete Quality Guarantee Policy
   100% quality guarantee covering all products
   100% defective products free replacement policy
Complete Logistics Solution
   door to door logistics solution
   on-call small quantity order solution

Our mission:

To be the global supplier of high performance rubber parts.

To be the qualified supplier of rubber parts solution

To be the professional automobile rubber parts and traffic rubber parts company.