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Edge guard

Edge guard

Features of Edge Guards:

  • Length: 2m
  • Material: NBR
  • Heat degree: 70 degrees
  • You can cut the length do you want randomly.

Corner Safety Cover is a great idea to protect the whole families against injury from sharp corners on normal household furniture such as desk, cupboard, tables, worktops, chairs, desks, cabinets etc. 


When the corner cover is installed on the corner, it has the function of a cushion when other objects collide with it. As the splicing tape has been designed reasonably, it can inset injury or can effectively reduce the feeling of pain when human body carelessly bumps with the corners of furniture. This product is able to protect infants against injury from unexpected collision when they explore the around space.    



  • 1x 2m Table Corner Edge Cover
  • 1x Powerful two-side glue


Package Include: