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Traffic Calming Speed bumps

Traffic Calming Speed bumps

Description of  Cable speed bump-speed ramp-Traffic calming bumper

Name: Speed Bumper-Speed Ramp-Cable Speed Humps

Model No.: XX-SB78

Material:  rubber,reflector tape

Middle Size: 900 X 500 X78mm(Length x Width x Thickness)

Channel Size: 55mmx45mmx2channels

Weight:     20kg/pc

Max Weight Capacity: 20Tons

End Cap Size: 250X500X78mm(Length x Width x Thickness) 

Characteristics of Cable speed bump-speed ramp-Traffic calming bumper

Excellent wear resistance, resilience and heavy load capacity 

Excellent flame retardant properties 

Electrical insulation properties

Corrosion resistance .


Products are widely used in temporary buildings and sites based on(especially the stage, concerts, large-scale theatrical performances, product exhibitions, trade fairs, all kinds of celebration activities, etc. ) and structured cabling system, product assembly easy and flexible.