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Cable protectors corner/cable protectors

Cable protectors corner/cable protectors

Details of Cable Protector /Cable Cover/Cable Ramp as follows

  Name: Cable Protectors & Cable Covers & Cable Accessories &Cable Ramp   

3-Channel Cable protector corner

Model No: XX-HCP3C-C

Material: Rubber body & Plastic Cover

Channel Dimension: 50mmx60mmx3channels

Body Size(Length X Width X Height): 600mm x 620mm x75mm

Weight Capacity: 10-20Tons


Excellent wear resistance, resilience and heavy load capacity.
Excellent flame retardant properties.
Electrical insulation properties.
Corrosion resistance


Products are widely used in temporary buildings and sites based on
(especially the stage, concerts, large-scale theatrical performances,
product exhibitions, trade fairs, all kinds of celebration activities, etc.)
and structured cabling system, product assembly easy and flexible