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SpeedBump/Traffic Calming

SpeedBump/Traffic Calming

Description of speed bumper-speed ramp-speed bumper

Name: Speed Bumper-Speed Ramp-Speed Humps

Model No.: XX-SB500

Material:  rubber ,With 4PCS cat eyes on each middle section

Middle Size: 500 X 500 X75mm(Length x Width x Thickness)

Weight:    17kg/pc

End Cap Size: 250X500X75mm(Length x Width x Thickness)

Weight: 5kg/pc

Characteristics of speed bump & speed ramp

1. Specialized designed, notable decelerate effect, without noise and uncomfortable feeling

2. High intensity rubber, firm and useful, good anti-impact ability 

3. Set up flexibly according the request of the customer, convenient to installation 

4. Black and yellow, affect in day and night, attract the attention of the drivers to decelerate successfully 

5. Widely used, one of the newest traffic safe productions, a good helper of the manager.